More Pictures

I took some more pictures today.

20131008_105435 20131008_105720

My Bengal cat showing some affection.



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  1. Hi I am going to have lower mandibular advancement end of November and I am worried about nerve damage. How are you feeling now and how are you getting on with the acupuncture?. It was great to find you blog as so many people have their lower jaw moved back.
    Louise J

    1. Hi Louise,

      Each day gets better. I still take my vitamins and time to time I will warm up my mouth with my hands. But I’ve noticed an improvement recently. If I run my fingers across the damaged areas, I can feel my touch. So it’s not entirely horrible but I envision one day to have the cold sensation cease from being a constant feeling.

      I discontinued acupuncture a few weeks ago. I think it helped speed up recovery but it got expensive ($65 a session, twice a week). I’ve been drinking ginger tea, taking B12, C, D3, Calcium vitamins and Probiotics.

      I hope that helps 🙂

      How far of an advancement do you expect to have?

  2. Hi Camila, did you have Bi-maxillary advancement ?Why does your face looks fuller before?

    1. Yes, I had an advancement of both top and bottom, more so the bottom (a change w/genioplasty of about 20mm total).

  3. Wow, you were so brave to do the surgery!
    I need jaw surgery too, but I am so scared to do it.

    1. It’s scary but the actual surgery part is a piece of cake. Keeping a positive mindset, is probably the most difficult thing to maintain as you recover.

  4. Camila, which teeth did you have removed? I am asking this because 6 years ago I had 4 Bicuspid extracted and braces, and now I need surgery to restore my profile.

    1. I had 3 of my biscuspids removed before surgery (I had one removed when I was younger). When is your surgery and what are you having done?

  5. My surgery is going to be, on January. My surgeon wants to move both of my jaws forward. My main concern is (pain) how the surgery is going to affect my profile. (My face already is narrow and flat) . Camila how much advancement in the upper arch did you have?
    Thank you for posting your story!

  6. I understand your concern. Even now I over analyze my face.

    The upper jaw was moved about 4mm forward. Do you know how much of an advancement your surgeon plans for you?

  7. Hi Camilla I had may latest appt on Wed & I found out that my surgeon wants to move my lower jaw forward by 6mm & also operate on my upper jaw which I wasn’t expecting and move it up by 2mm. How far was your lower jaw moved forward?
    My biggest worry is the possible nerve damage but if I don’t have it done I will always be thinking what if!! They have given me a date for 12th Nov so its not far away I didn’t realise it would be that soon.

    1. My lower jaw was moved a huge amount. I think it was around 14mm (rotated and advanced), then I had another 4mm for the chin in advancement. I did have some nerve damage. The bright side is that I have feeling, the down side is that the sensations are off. My lower lip usually feel cold and stiff on a cold morning. As time goes on, it seems to get better but I do yearn for the day it goes away. Optimistically it’s great that I have sensation at all! Good luck!

      1. Thank you, you did have a lot to cope with then, 14mm is a lot. I hope the sensation gets better connected to the feeling 🙂

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